Friday, 12 February 2010

Discount Bosch 1590EVSK 6.4 Amp Top Handle Jigsaw

Bosch 1590EVSK 6.4 Amp Top Handle Jigsaw

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Product Description
6.4 Amp, 500-2,800 SPM; Exclusive Precision Control™ Blade System; One Touch™ Blade Change; Constant Response™ Circuitry; Wrenchless Foot with Tension Adjustment; Variable Speed Dial; Four Position Orbital Action; Ambidextrous Trigger Lock On; Adjustable Dust Blower; Includes: Carrying Case, No Mar Overshoe, Anti-Splinter Insert, 3 Blades

  • 6.4 amp top handle jigsaw; four-position stroke control
  • Variable speed trigger (500-2,800 strokes per minute); one-touch blade change
  • Durable hard plastic body; soft grip
  • Includes saw, 3 blades, anti-splitter insert, carrying case
  • 11.7 pounds; 1-year warranty

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The boss
This jigsaw is the one to buy. With the quick release blade changing is a breeze . It has the quality needed for professional use .

I'm a building contractor for over 20 years and have owned other jig saws but nothing like this. If you want the best, buy the Bosch. The biggest plus for me is how the blade stays at 90 deg. even with thick material. change blades (easy and fast) and make very fine cuts.

Great jigsaw for DIY'er
I'm the type of person that loves to build/remodel stuff when I get a chance - but I also have a fairly limited amount of space for storing the large tools that I would love to own. Because of that, the jigsaw is a very important tool.

Unfortunately, the jigsaws I've owned in the past have failed to live up to their potential because of various problems that prevented them from being used for any type of close/finish work at all. Basically, these were just glorified saws-alls in a different form factor.

Anyway, the Bosch 1590EVSK is the first jigsaw I've owned that really is capable of the type of work I had always envisioned for it. I love how the blade locks in securely and stays straight when cutting. (The precision lock on the blad really makes a different with that.) I've also found that the angle cutting works perfectly and is very useful.

In the last month, I've used this saw to get into tight spaces when building shelves as well as cutting out sheetrock and modifying some custom boxes that I've been working on. Tomorrow, I'm going to break it out again as I build a new table in the laundry room for my wife.

The only minor complaint I have about this saw is how high the blade sits above the base. This causes some issues when using some of the short precision blades in thicker material like melamine.

Overall, I highly recommend this jigsaw.

Good saw
This Bosch 1590EVSK is a very good saw.

Much better that any of the jig saws I have owned, such as milwaukee, makita, and craftsman.

It is a heavy duty saw and is heavy.

The only reason I rated it 4 vice 5 is for some perks that irk me.

The quality of this saw lacks attention to detail.

The casting parts could be machined and fitted better, the decals are outside the cut-out by a long shot and can not be removed without destroying them. The housing and plastic parts are scratched up, nicked, and feel cheap.

The case is not as well designed as it could be, IMHO. The clips that hold the operator manual in place are not spaced right and too short to keep the manual secure. Mine keeps falling out. Maybe it is just mine.

Overall the saw operates really fine and is heavy duty.

A bit pricey but what isn't anymore.

Cuts everything you throw at it and runs smooth and quiet.

OK saw. Dust blower very weak.
Dust blower on this saw is very weak at lower speed. Most dust lands at the cutting line. This made me return the saw after one day. Bought Milwaukee instead. Works great so far.

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